IIFC Calls for Nominations of Fellowships

IIFC Calls for Nominations of Fellowships

Call for Nominations – IIFC Fellowships

The IIFC Executive Committee is now seeking nominations for potential candidates for IIFC Fellowships. A limited number of IIFC Fellows will be elected during the IIFC Council Meeting at CICE2014 in Vancouver.  According to the IIFC By-Laws, nominations must be made by a member of the IIFC Executive Committee. However, via this call for nominations, the Executive Committee is seeking input from all IIFC members. The final selection of candidates will be made by the Executive Committee based on its best judgment, taking into consideration the nominations received.  For information on the attributes of an IIFC Fellow and the nomination procedure, please review the nomination procedure and the nomination form.

Nominations are to be received by the IIFC Secretary, Prof. Rudi Seracino, (rudi_seracino@ncsu.edu) no later than Friday 25 July 2014.

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