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Membership MEANs

A common means of membership payment is via attendance of CICE conferences. That is, the CICE conference registration fee includes IIFC membership for the two years following. For example, attendance at CICE 2018 covered membership for 2019 and 2020. Attendance at CICE 2020/2021 will therefore cover membership for 2022 and 2023. The IIFC Executive has made the decision to gift 2021 membership to all IIFC members (provided one is already a member of IIFC) on account of the disruption caused by COVID-19. For those who have paid their membership directly to IIFC for 2021, you too will be gifted membership for 2021 and hence any current membership in accrual will be deferred.

Annual Membership Fees

The following membership fees are for a two-year period:

  • Fellows: US$ 100
  • Members: US$ 100
  • Student members: US$ 25
  • Patron members: US$ 300

Membership fees are due on February 1st of the first year of the two-year period.

Attendance at the IIFC official CICE conference will cover IIFC membership fees for the two years following the conference. For example, attendance at CICE 2020 will cover membership for 2021 and 2022. If you are joining in a non-CICE conference year, or if you have not attended the latest CICE conference, then you can join or renew.

Membership Grades

Fellows: are senior members of the Institute who have achieved a position of high responsibility and have contributed significantly to the advancement of the field through research or practice, or both. Fellowship is by conferment by the Council based on proposals made by the Executive Committee of the Institute.

Members: have a serious interest in the field, support the aim and objectives of the Institute and hold at least an acceptable bachelor degree in structural, civil, mechanical or material engineering or a related discipline, or equivalent.

Student Members:  support the aim and objectives of the Institute and are currently students of an undergraduate or postgraduate degree program at a recognised institution of higher learning.

Patron Members: Organisations qualified for a Collective Membership of IIFC may join as a Patron Member by invitation of the Executive Committee. A Patron Membership indicates special dedication of an organisation to IIFC. A Patron Member is offered high visibility in IIFC’s publications and activities, and through its web site. A patron membership includes two designated individuals who shall have all the privileges of IIFC membership.

Membership Benefits


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Members shall have the following rights and privileges:
per 2 years
per 2 years
per 2 years
to vote at the general meeting of the Institute to elect members of the Council
to receive the official newsletter free of charge
to receive discounts at conferences, symposiums, seminars and short courses organized by the Institute
to receive state-of-the-art reports produced by the Working Groups, free of charge
to receive an annual report from the Executive Committee
any other benefits as may be decided by the Council
to nominate and to be nominated as candidates for election to the Council
to be nominated as candidates for election to the Executive Committee
to take part in the activities of the Working Groups
high visibility in IIFC’s publications and activities, and through its website
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To become a member of the IIFC, please download this form and follow the instructions.