NEx – IIFC Memorandum of Understanding

NEx – IIFC Memorandum of Understanding

We are delighted to announce that IIFC and NEx have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU). NEx, an American Concrete Institute (ACI) center of excellence for nonmetallic building materials, will collaborate with IIFC to leverage their combined resources and expertise. The goal is to advance the knowledge and effective use of nonmetallic materials, specifically fiber-reinforced polymers (FRP), in the built environment. This partnership aims to foster innovation, research, education, awareness, adoption, and deployment of these materials. Through this MOU, IIFC and NEx will formally recognize each other as Allied Organizations.

Photo (from left to right): NEx – Gusai Al Aithan (Liaison Director, Aramco Americas), Jerzy Zemajtis (Executive Director) and Aparna Deshmukh (Technical Director); IIFC – Amir Fam (President)

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