Vol.I FRP for Future Structures

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Message from the President of IIC

Keynote Papers

1. Innovative Textile-based Composites for Strengthening and Seismic Retrofitting of Concrete and Masonry Structures
2. Strengthening of Concrete, Metal and Timber Materials with FRP Composites
3. Multifunctional and robust composite material structures for sustainable construction
4. Hybrid FRP-Concrete-Steel Double-Skin Tubular Structural Members
5. Durability of GFRP Reinforcement Bars
6. FRP Design Using Structural Mechanics Models
7. Finite Element Modelling of FRP-to-Concrete Bond Behaviour Using the Concrete Damage Plasticity Theory Combined with a Plastic Degradation Model

FRP Materials and Sustainability

1. Fiber reinforced cementitious composites (FRCC) plate for the anchoring of FRP sheet on concrete member
2. Study of Tensile Behavior for Interval Impregnated Hybrid Carbon/Basalt Fiber Sheet (C/BFS)
3. Statistical studies on material behavior of CFRP sheets under uniaxial loads and its application in reliability analysis
4. Comprehensive Characterization of BFRP Applied in Civil Engineering
5. Influence of Elevated Temperature on the Mechanical and Thermal Performance of BFRP Rebars
6. Composite Desks and Sustainable Development: a Case Study
7. Matrix and Fabric Impregnation Influence on Textile Reinforcement Concrete Behaviour
8. Discrete Fiber Reinforced Polyurea for Hazard Mitigation
9. Experimental Research on the Fundamental Mechanical Properties of Presoaked Basalt Fiber Concrete

All FRP Structures

1. Shear Buckling of GFRP Beam Webs
2. Shear Wrinkling of GFRP Webs in Cell-Core Sandwiches
3. Pin-bearing Strengths for Design of Bolted Connections with Pultruded Structures
4. Development of an effective joining method for a pultruded hybrid CFRP/GFRP laminate
5. A Consistent Design Concept For Bolted Connections In Standardized GFRP-Profiles
6. Composite behavior of a pultruded hybrid CFRP/GFRP beam with UFC deck
7. Sensitivity Studies on Local Flange Buckling Equations for Pultruded Beams and Columns
8. Analytical study on buckling modes of simply supported delaminated composite beams
9. Interlaminar Behavior of Paulownia Wood Sandwich Composites with Grooves
10. GFRP Structures Subjected to Dynamic Action
12. Experimental Design On Multi Layers Of LVL Fiber Reinforced Wood Composite Using Bagasse As Core Structure
13. Shear behavior of glue-laminated composite sandwich beams
14. Flexural behavior of FRP reinforced glubam beams
15. Trial Design of Cable-Stayed Bridges Using Hybrid Composite Girders and Applicability to Free Passage over Railway
16. Performance Based Design of Laminated FRP Box Girder for Short Span Bridge
17. A design concept for an all composite road bridge
18. Mechanical Model and Analysis of FRP Woven Web Structures
19. GFRP-polyurethane sandwich panels under reversed bending fatigue
20. Development and Experimental Verification of a Pedestrian Slab Bridge Using GFRP Pultrusion Profiles
21. Study on Dynamic Characteristics of Light-weight FRP Footbridges
22. Honeycomb Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Sandwich Panels for Fish Culture Tanks

FRP Hybrid Structures and Concrete-Filled FRP Tubes

1. Hybrid FRP-Concrete Structural Member: Research and Development in North America
2. Hybrid FRP-Concrete Structural Member: Research and Development in Europe and Asia
3. Experimental study on Flexural Behaviour of Hybrid GFRP/ Concrete Bridge Deck
4. Experimental study of GFRP-concrete hybrid beams
5. In-Situ Load Tests and FE Modeling of Concrete Bridge with FRP Stay-In-Place Forms
6. Structural Performance Evaluation of Precast FRP-Concrete Composite Deck with Concrete Wedge for Cable-Stayed Bridge
7. Static and Fatigue Behaviors of Precast FRP-Concrete Composite Deck for Cable-Stayed Bridge
8. Experimental Studies on FRP-Concrete Composite Deck with FRP Perfobond Shear Connectors
9. Numerical and experimental investigation of concrete-filled FRP tube
10. An experimental investigation into the behaviour of filament wound hybrid FRP-concrete beam
11. Experimental study on bending performances of FRP-Concrete composite T-beams with prefabricated BFRP shell
12. A comparative study of various FRP shear connectors for sandwich concrete walls

Smart FRP Structures

1. Effectiveness of smart damper for hybrid FRP cable in long-span cable-stayed bridge
2. A Smart FRP-Concrete Composite Beam using FBG Sensors
3. Smart CFRP Systems C Fiber Bragg Gratings for Fiber Reinforced Polymers
4. Sensor CFRP-Sheets for the controlled Strengthening and Retrofitting of Reinforced Concrete Members
5. Electrically conductive nanocomposite coating for strain and health monitoring
6. Smart Composites for Durable Infrastructures C Importance of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

Concrete Structures Reinforced or Prestressed with FRP

1. Experimental study on the tension stiffening effect of GFRP RC elements
2. Behavior of High-Strength Concrete Beams Reinforced with Different Types of Flexural Reinforcements and Fiber
3. Deflection Behaviour of Concrete Beams Reinforced with Different Types of GFRP Bars
4. Behaviour of continuous concrete beams reinforced with FRP bars
5. Testing of Large-Scale Two-Way Concrete Slabs Reinforced with GFRP Bars
6. Development Length of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP)/Steel Wire Composite Rebar
7. Deformation Behavior of Concrete Two-Way Slabs Reinforced with BFRP Bars Subjected to Eccentric Loading
8. Experimental Study on the Flexural Behavior of Concrete Beam Hybrid Reinforced with FRP Bars and Steel Bars
9. Study on the Flexural Capacity of Concrete Beam Hybrid Reinforced with FRP Bars and Steel Bars
10. Experiments according to ETAG to determine friction effects on deviated CFRP-Strips
11. Study of Static Load Tests of Bond-type Anchors for CFRP Tendons
12. Bond Type Anchorage Systems for Permanent High Strength CFRP Ground Anchors
13. Flexure-shear Analysis of Concrete Beam Reinforced with GFRP bars
14. Effect of Bond Parameters on Recoverability of RC Bridge Columns Reinforced with Ordinary Rebars and Steel Fiber Composite Bars
15. Effect of Reinforcement Detailing on the Behaviour of GFRP-RC Beam-Column Joints

Long-Term Performance

1. Interfacial Crack Growth Behavior On RC Beams Strengthened With Prestressed CFL Under Cyclic Bending Loads
2. Effects on the Fatigue Lives of RC Beams Strengthened with CFL at Elevated Temperature under Cyclic Bending Loads
3. Fatigue loading effect on RC beams strengthened with externally bonded FRP
4. Box girders under extreme long-time static and fatigue loading
5. Experimental study of time-dependent behaviour of concrete members reinforced with GFRP bars
6. Hygrothermal Ageing of Basalt Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites
7. Moisture Diffusion in FRP Adhesively-Bonded Joints under Hot/Wet Environments
8. Durability of CFRP bonding systems under freeze-thaw cycling
9. Bond Strength of Glass FRP Bars in Concrete Subjected to Freeze-Thaw Cycles and Sustained Loads
10. Long-term durability of FRP cables under maritime conditions
11. Temperature effects on full scale FRP bridge using innovative composite components
12. Modeling the Effect of Repeated Loading on the Behavior of CFRP Confined Bond of Corroded Reinforcement
13. Effects of accelerated ageing on the adhesive bond between concrete specimens and external CFRP reinforcements
14. Parametric Analysis for Creep of High-Strength Concrete Columns Confined by AFRP

Fire, Impact and Blast Loading

1. Glassy-rubbery transition behavior of epoxy resins used in FRP structural strengthening systems
2. Fire Tests On RC Beams Strengthened With NSM
3. Fire performance of water-cooled cellular GFRP columns
4. Flexural and Punching Performances of FRP and Fiber Reinforced Concrete on Impact Loading
5. Protection of Aged Cement Clinker Silo Against High Impact and High Temperature Discharge
6. Nonlinear response of steel-fiber reinforced concrete beams under blast loading: material modeling and simulation
7. Fire behavior of CFRP prestressed high strength concrete slabs
8. Finite element modeling of insulated FRP-strengthened RC beams exposed to fire
9. Effect of Fire and High Temperature on the Properties of Self Compacted Concrete

Educations, Applications and Design Guidelines

1. IIFC Educational Modules on Polymer Composites in Construction
2. Challenges in the design and delivery of an online postgraduate course in fibre composites
3. Virtual practice with computer aided software toward better understanding of RC beams strengthened by external bonded FRP
4. Structural Remediation of Unreinforced Brick Masonry Walls of a Heritage Palace Building with Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymers
5. Inspection, analysis and loading test of a slab bridge strengthened with FRP laminates
6. Structural Performance of Concrete Bridge Deck with Internal FRP Reinforcement
7. Guidelines for Design of Honeycomb FRP Sandwich Panels
8. Load bearing properties of a FRP bridge after nine years of exposure
9. Cost Optimum Design of Structural Fibre Composite Sandwich Panel For Flooring Applications

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Vol.II FRP Strengthening Structures
Publication Information
Message from the President of IIC

Bond and Interfacial Stresses between FRP and Concreter

1. Effect of Load Distribution on IC Debonding in FRP-Plated RC Beams
2. Effect Of Bar-Cutoff And Bend-Point Locations On Debonding Loads In RC Beams Strengthened With CFRP Plates
3. Meso-scale modelling of FRP-to-concrete bond behaviour using LSDYNA
4. Investigation on the Fracture Behavior of FRP-Concrete Interface under Direct Shear
5. Towards A Standard Test Method For Assessing FRP-To-Concrete Bond Characteristics
6. Examination of interfacial stresses due to crack propagation in FRP retrofitted RC beams
7. A rigorous solution for interfacial stresses in plated beams
8. Evaluation the bond behavior at the intermediate crack element with a special test procedure
9. Numerical modeling of the FRP/concrete interfacial behaviour of FRP shear-strengthened beams
10. Analysis of Interfacial Bond Stress of FRP Tendon
11. Debonding Behavior of Skew FRP-Bonded Concrete Joints
12. Effectiveness of U-shaped CFRP wraps as end anchorages in predominant flexure and shear region
13. Behavior of an innovative End-Anchored externally bonded CFRP Strengthening System under low cycle fatigue
14. Experimental Investigation of CF Anchorage System used for Seismic Retrofitting of RC Columns
15. Experimental study on grooving detail for elimination of debonding of FRP sheets from concrete surface
16. Interfacial behavior between Mechanically Fastened FRP laminates and concrete substrate
17. FRP-to-Concrete Joint Assemblies Anchored with Multiple FRP Anchors: Experimental Investigation
18. Temperature and Water-Immersion Effect on Mode II Fracture Behavior of CFRP-Concrete Interface
19. Ultrasonic Evaluation of CFRP-Concrete Interface for Specimens under Temperature and Water-Immersion Aging Effects
20. Modified beam bond test on externally bonded and near surface mounted FRP strengthened RC beams
21. Experimental Investigation On Bond Of NSM Strengthened RC Stuctures
22. Bond strength of BFRP bars to basalt fiber reinforced high-strength concrete
23. Bond Strength of FRP Rebar to Concrete: Effect of Concrete Confinement
24. Bond strength of fiber reinforced polymer bars in autoclaved aerated concrete
25. Bond Mechanism of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Grid in Concrete

Confinement of Concrete by FRP in Compression

1. Effect of geometric discontinuities on FRP strain efficiency in FRP-confined circular concrete-filled steel tubes
2. The Ultimate Condition of FRP Confined Concrete Columns: New Experimental Observations and Insights
3. Bearing strength of CFRP confined concrete
4. Confinement behaviour of eccentrically loaded RCC columns using FRP sheets
5. Concrete Column Confinement with Mechanism-Based Composite Bistable Structures
6. Confined circular and square r.c. sections: an analytical model for the prediction of ultimate strength
7. Stress-strain modeling for rectangular concrete columns confined by FRP jacket
8. Axial Behavior of FRP Jacketed Extended Rectangular Members Constructed with Low Strength Concrete
9. Nonlinear micromechanics-based finite element analysis of FRP-wrapped concrete columns subjected to axial load
10. Compressive strength of concrete cylinders confined with CFRP wraps
11. Procedure for the statistical determination of the design FRP-confined concrete strength
12. Performance Evaluation of SFRP-Confined Circular Concrete Columns
13. Mechanical behavior of concrete columns confined by laterally pre-tensioned FRP
14. Effect of CFRP and GFRP Confinement on Behavior of Square Lightweight Concrete Specimens
15. Confinement of Concrete Piles with FRP
16. Three-Dimensional Finite Element Model for FRP-Confined Circular Concrete Cylinders under Axial Compression
17. Numerical analysis of rectangular reinforced concrete columns confined with FRP jacket under eccentric loading

Flexural Strengthening of Concrete Beams and Slabs

1. Flexural strengthening of reinforced concrete beams with textile reinforced concrete (TRC)
2. The Flexural Behavior of Beams Strengthened with FRP grid and ECC
3. Comparison of Different Repairing Techniques Used for Rehabilitation of Initially Cracked RCC Beams
4. Analysis on mechanical behavior of RC beams strengthened with inorganic adhesive CFRP sheets
5. Experimental study of concrete beams strengthened with CFRP sheets under simulating vehicles loads
6. A Systematic Study of Rehabilitation of Reinforced Concrete T-beam Structures using Externally Bonded FRP Composites
7. Basalt FRP for strengthening of RC members
8. Load-carrying capacity of flexural reinforced PC beams with pre-tensioned AFRP sheet
9. Flexural Performance of RC Beams Strengthened with Prestressed AFRP Sheets: Part I. Experiments
10. Flexural Performance of RC Beams Strengthened with Prestressed AFRP Sheets: Part II. Theoretical Analysis
11. Numerical simulation on flexural reinforcing effects of AFRP sheet for damaged RC girders
12. A Study on the Applicability of ECE Technique on Chloride Contaminated Concrete Retrofitted with FRP Strips
13. Finite Element Modeling of RC Beams Strengthened in Flexure with Prestressed NSM CFRP Strips
14. Advances of Finite Element Analysis for FRP Concrete Beams
15. Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Composite Steel/FRP-reinforced Concrete Beams Using a New Beam Element
16. Non-bolted anchorage systems for CFRP laminates applied for strengthening of RC slabs
17. Arching action in laterally restrained GFRP reinforced slabs
18. Flexural strengthening of RC continuous beams using hybrid FRP sheets
19. Comparative study of deflection equations for FRP RC beams
20. Experimental Study on Deformation Recovery and Residual Strength of FRP RC Beams

Shear Strengthening of Concrete Beams

1. Influence of the concrete properties in the effectiveness of the NSM CFRP laminates for the shear strengthening of RC beams
2. Experimental tests on FRP shear retrofitted RC beams
3. Influence of transverse steel on the performance of RC T-beams strengthened in shear with GFRP strips
4. Shear Design Equations for Concrete Girders Strengthened with FRP
5. The shear behavior of beams Strengthened with FRP grid
6. Efficiency of RC T-section beams Shear Strengthening With NSM FRP Reinforcement
7. Mechanical model to simulate the NSM FRP strips shear strength contribution to RC beams
8. Shear strengthening of RC Beams by means of NSM FRP strips: Constitutive law of a single strip
9. Size effects in reinforced concrete beams strengthened with CFRP straps
10. Shear capacity of flexural strengthened reinforced concrete structures with CFRP materials

Strengthening of Concrete Columns, Walls and Frames

1. Emergency Retrofit for Damaged RC Columns by Fiber Belts Prestressing and Plywoods
2. Seismic Retrofitting by FRP Jacketing and Prediction Method of Ultimate Deformation
3. Seismic Performance of FRP-Confined Circular RC Columns
4. Cyclic behavior of FRP confined RC rectangular columns with high aspect ratio
5. Numerical Simulation of FRP-Jacketed RC Columns Subjected to Cyclic Loading
6. Concrete column shape modification with FRP and expansive cement concrete
7. Flexural behavior of concrete columns strengthened with near surface mounted FRP bars
8. Use near surface mounted FRP rods for flexural retrofitting of RC columns
9. Effect of FRP strengthening on the behavior of shear walls with opening
10. Seismic Assessment of FRP-retrofitted RC Frames using Pushover Analysis Considering Strain Softening of Concrete
11. Seismic Performance Analysis of FRP Reinforced Concrete Frame Structure
12. The anchorage behavior of FRP EBR in the plastic zone of RC beams
13. Application of FRP for punching shear retrofit of concrete slab-column connections
14. Beam-to-column connection in a precast concrete frame strengthened by NSM CFRP strips

Strengthening of Steel Structures

1. Treatment of Steel Surfaces for Effective Adhesive Bonding
2. Effect of Surface Preparation on the Strength of FRP-to-Mild Steel and FRP-to-Stainless Steel Joints
3. Modeling of Steel Beams Strengthened with CFRP Strips Including Bond-slip Properties
4. Temperature Effect on Adhesively Bonded CFRP and Steel Double Strap Joints
5. Repairing Method for the Steel Members by CFRP Strand Sheets
6. Temperature Effects in Adhesively Bonded FRP Strengthening Applied to Steel Beams: Experimental Observations
7. Experimental Study on Bond Behaviour between UHM CFRP Laminate and Steel
8. Static behavior of tension steel plate strengthened with pre-stressed CFRP laminates
9. Fatigue life prediction of steel beams strengthened with a carbon fibre composite plate
10. Tests on CFRP Repaired Welded Thin-Walled Cross-Beam Connections
11. Fatigue Behavior of CFRP Repaired Non-load Carrying Cruciform Welded Joints
12. Tests on CFRP Strengthened Aluminium RHS subject to End Bearing Force
13. Lateral torsional buckling of steel I-beam retrofitted using FRP sheets: Analytical solution and optimization
14. Experimental Study on Behavior of FRP anti-buckling strengthening steel members
15. Effects of FRP Reinforcements on the Buckling and Reduced Stiffness Criteria of Compressed Steel Cylinders
16. Numerical Simulation of Prestressed CFRP Plate Strengthened Steel-Concrete Composite Girders
17. Experimental Study on Fatigue Behavior of I-Steel Beam Strengthened with Different FRP plates

Strengthening of Masonry and Timber Structures

1. Experimental study on Seismic Behavior Before and After retrofitting of masonry walls using FRP laminates
2. Strengthening of masonry structures using FRP - experimental research
3. Improvement of Transverse Connection of Masonry Walls through AFRP bars
4. FRP-to-Softwood Joints: Experimental Investigation

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