Proceedings of the International Symposium on
Bond Behaviour of FRP in Structures (BBFS 2005)

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Table of Contents

Keynote Papers

The Importance of Bonding - An Historic Overview and Future Possibilities
B. Taljsten
Advances in Adhesive Joining of Dissimilar Materials with Special Reference to Steels and FRP Composites
L.C. Hollaway
Interfaces of Fiber Reinforced Polymers Laminates Externally Bonded to Concrete Substrate: From Test Methods to Bond Modeling
T. Ueda and J.G. Dai
Generic Debonding Mechanisms in FRP Plated Beams and Slabs
D.J. Oehlers
Modelling of Debonding Phenomena in FRP-Strengthened Concrete Beams and Slabs
K.W. Neale, U.A. Ebead, H.M. Abdel Baky, W.E. Elsayed and A. Godat
Design Proposals for the Debonding Strengths of FRP Strengthened RC Beams in the Chinese Design Code
L.P. Ye, X.Z. Lu and J.F. Chen

Basic Bond Mechanisms

Progress on Understanding Bond Behaviour in RC Elements Strengthened with FRP
C. Pellegrino, G. Boschetto, D. Tinazzi and C. Modena
Effect of Concrete Composition on FRP/ Concrete Bond Capacity
C.K.Y. Leung and J.L. Pan
Experimental Study on Bond Stress-Slip Behaviour between FRP Sheets and Concrete
Z.G. Guo, S.Y. Cao, W.M. Sun and X.Y. Lin
Determination of Bond Stress versus Slip for Externally Bonded FRP from Standardised Bond Strength Tests
S.J. Foster and N. Khomwan
Wet-Bonding between FRP Laminates and Cast-in-place Concrete
Y. Shao, Z.S. Wu and J. Bian
Improved Theoretical Solutions of FRP-to-Concrete Interfaces
H. Yuan
Analysis of Debonding Failure along a Softening FRP-to-Concrete Interface between Two Adjacent Cracks
J.F. Chen, H. Yuan and J.G. Teng
Performance of CFRP Strengthened Concrete Members under Elevated Temperatures
J.C.P.H Gamage, R. Al-Mahaidi and M.B. Wong
Effect of Insulation on the Bond Behaviour of CFRP-Plated Concrete Elements
J.C.P.H Gamage, R. Al-Mahaidi and M.B. Wong
Bond Performance of Steel Reinforced Polymer and Steel Reinforced Grout
M. Matana, A. Nanni, L. Dharani, P. Silva and G. Tunis
Concrete Substrate Preparation and Characterization prior to Adhesion of Externally Bonded Reinforcement
M. Matana, G. Galecki, N. Maerz and A. Nanni
Tensile Tests on Bonded Double-Strap Joints between Pultruded GFRP Profiles
F. Fassio, S. Santini and T. Vallee
A Probabilistic Method to Predict the Strength of Adhesively Bonded Joints of GFRP
T. Vallee, J. Ribeiro and T. Keller
Parametric Study on Fiber Debonding Study in Fiber-Reinforced Polymeric Composites
H.K. Lee, B.R. Kim, S.Y. Song and S.K. Ha
Bond of CFRP Wires Under Evaluated Temperature
E. Lubloy, G..L. Balazs, A. Borosnyoi and S.G.. Nehme

Interfacial Stresses in Flexurally-Strengthened Concrete Members

Interfacial Stresses in FRP Plated Concrete Beams Including Shear Deformation Effect
J. Yang and Y.F. Wu
Closed-Form Rigorous Solution for the Interfacial Stresses in Plated Beams Using a Two-Stage Method
J. Yang and J.Q. Ye
An Investigation on the Stress Transfer in Concrete Beams Bonded with FRP Plates
J.Q. Ye and J. Yang
Theoretical Analysis of Interfacial Stresses in Curved Members Bonded with a Thin Plate
L. De Lorenzis, J.G. Teng and L. Zhang
End Peeling of Mineral Based CFRP Strengthened Concrete Structures - A Parametric Study
T. Johansson and B. Taljsten

Flexurally-Strengthened Concrete Members

Flexural Strengthening of RC Beams using Externally Bonded FRP Sheets through Flexible Adhesive Bonding
J.G. Dai, T. Ueda, Y. Sato and T. Ito
A Numerical Prediction Method for Flexural Behavior of RC Beams Reinforced with FRP Sheet
G.F. Zhang, N. Kishi, H. Mikami and M. Komuro
Tension - Stiffening Law for FRP - Reinforced Concrete Elements under Service Loadings
B. Ferracuti and M. Savoia
The Role of the Bond on the Structural Behaviour of Flexural FRP Reinforced Concrete Members
L. Ombres
Numerical Analysis of Concrete Beams Strengthened with CFRP :A Study of Anchorage Lengths
J. Lundqvist, H. Nordin, B. Taljsten and T. Olofsson
Debonding Failures of RC Beams Strengthened with Externally Bonded Strips
R. Kotynia
Equilibrium Debonding
C. Czaderski, M. Aram and M. Motavalli
Towards a Generic Model of the Intermediate Crack Debonding Resistance of Plates Adhesively Bonded to Concrete
R. Seracino, D.J. Oehlers and M.R. Raizal Saifulnaz
Critical Debonding Length in FRP Flexurally Strengthened RC Members
S.T. Smith and R.J. Gravina
FRP Debonding under the Presence of Multiple Cracks along a Concrete Beam
J.L. Pan and C.K.Y. Leung
Plate End Debonding Failures of FRP-or Steel-Plated RC Beams: A New Strength Model
J.G. Teng and J. Yao
Prediction of Concrete Cover Separation Failure in FRP Strengthened RC Beams
J.W. Pan and S.Y. Cao
The Effects of Shear Key and U Strip on the Flexural Behavior of CFS Strengthened RC Beams
H.S. Choi, C.Y. Lee, S.T. Yi, S.W. Lee and G. Heo
Finite Element Evaluation of the Effects of Lateral Anchorage Strips on the Behavior of CFRP-Strengthened RC Beams
J.J. Perez, L. Zhao and C.A. O'Riordan-Adjah
Fracture Mechanics Approach to Nonlinear Debonding Problems in RC Beams Strengthened with Composite Materials
O. Rabinovitch and Y. Frostig
Experience with Strengthening Structures Using the Prestress FRP Materials
L. Podolka and J. Kolisko
Avoiding De-bonding in FRP Strengthened Reinforced Concrete Beams Using Prestressing Techniques
P.X.W. Zou, S. Shang, H. Peng and H.D. Wang
A New Approach of Bonded Anchorages for CFRP Prestressing Tendons and Cables
H.P. Andrae, M. Maier, H. Peters and P.J. Gusia
Flexural Behavior of RC Beams Reinforced with NSM AFRP Rods
N. Kishi, H. Mikami, Y. Kurihashi and S. Sawada
Fiber Reinforced Cement Based Composite Sheets for Structural Retrofit
H.C. Wu and P. Sun

Concrete Members Strengthened in Shear or Torsion

Vertical Shear Capacity Partial Interaction Modelling of Transversely Plated RC Members with Steel Stirrups
D. Oehlers, M. Ali M.S. and R. Seracino
Theoretical Analysis of Stress Distributions in FRP Side-bonded to RC Beams for Shear Strengthening
X.Z. Lu, J.F. Chen, L.P. Ye, J.G. Teng and J.M. Rotter
Size Effect of Shear Contribution of Externally Bonded FRP U-jackets for RC Beams
Z. Qu, X.Z. Lu, L.P. Ye
Simplified Analysis for Torsionaly Strengthened RC Beams Using FRP
A. Deifalla and A. Ghobarah

FRP-Reinforced Concrete Structures

Bond Properties of a Newly Developed Composite Rebar
A. Weber
Development Length Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Beam with CFRP Bars
R. Thamrin and T. Kaku
Hybrid FRP Rod for Reinforcement and Smart-Monitoring in Concrete Structure
J.S. Sim, D.Y. Moon, H.S Oh, C.W. Park and S.J. Park
Fire Performance of Concrete Beams Reinforced with FRP Bars
A. Nadjai, D. Talamona and F. Ali

FRP-Strengthened Steel Structures

Behaviour of FRP-to-Steel Bonded Joints
S.H. Xia and J.G. Teng
Experimental Research on Bond Behavior of CFRP to Steel
Y.X. Yang, Q.R. Yue, and F.M. Peng
Bonding Strength and Fracture Mechanisms in Composite Steel-CFR Elements
M. Al-Emrani, D. Linghoff and R. Kliger
Bond Behavior of CFRP Strengthened Steel Bridges and Structures
D. Schnerch, K. Stanford, E. Sumner and S. Rizkalla
Designing for Tapers and Defects in FRP-Strengthened Metallic Structures
T.J. Stratford and J.F. Chen
The Effect of Fatigue Loading on Bonding Strength of CFRP Bonded Steel Plate Joints
H.B. Liu, X.L. Zhao and R. Al-Mahaidi

FRP-Strengthened Timber and Masonry Structures

Experimental Investigations on Flexural Strengthening of Timber Structures with CFRP
K.U. Schober and K. Rautenstrauch
Timber Beams Strengthened by Attaching Prestressed Carbon Laminates with a Gradiented Anchoring Device
M. Brunner and M. Schnueriger
Behaviour of GFRP Sheets Bonded to Masonry Walls
Y. Liu, J. Dawe and J. McInerney
Durability Evaluation of EBR CFRP Strengthened Masonry Structures
P. Desiderio and L. Feo

Dynamic and Cyclic Loadings

Bonding and Anchoring Characterization between FRP Sheets, Concrete, and Viscoelastic Layers under Static and Dynamic Loading
X. Huang and G. Chen
Bond of FRP Laminates to Concrete under Impulse Loading: A Simple Model
L. De Lorenzis and A. La Tegola
Simulation of Bond Failure in RC Beams Strengthened with FRP Sheets Subjected to Dynamic/ Impact Loadings
S. Mohammadi and A.A. Mousavi Khandan
Dynamic Behaviour of Externally Bonded CFRP: Application to Reinforced Concrete Column Externally Reinforced under Impact Loading
E. Ferrier and P. Hamelin
FE Modelling of FRP-Strengthened RC Shear Walls Subjected to Reverse Cycling Loading
N. Khomwan and S.J. Foster

Durability and Fatigue

Durability and Mechnical Properties of Polymer-layered Silicate Nanocomposites
I. Hackman and L. Hollaway
Long Term Properties of Bond Between Concrete and FRP
C. Mazzotti and M. Savoia
Effect of Repeated Loading and Long Term Humidity Exposure on Flexural Responsse of CFRP Strengthened Concrete Beams
N.F. Grace and M. Grace
Fatigue Behavior of Bonded FRP Used For Flexural Retrofit
K. Harries
Deterioration of FRP-To-Concrete Bond under Fatigue Loading
K. Harries and J. Aidoo