APFIS 2009

Organizing Committee

Keynote Papers

A Unified Generic RC Model for FRP Plating: Intermediate Crack Theory
D.J. Oehlers
Behavior of Pultruded Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Beams Subjected to Concentrated Loads in the Plane of the Web
D.T. Borowicz and L.C. Bank*
Structural Performance of Members Strengthened by FRP Jacketing with High Fracturing Strain
T. Ueda
The Current and Future Applications of FRP Decks
S. Lee* and K.J. Hong
FRP Anchors : Recent Advances in Research and Understanding
S.T. Smith

Strengthening of Concrete, Metallic, Timber and Masonry Structures

Behavior of RC Connections Strengthened with Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer
G.G. Amiri*, A. Golkari and S.M. Taleie
Behavior of Infill Masonry Walls Strengthened with FRP Materials
D.S. Lunn, V. Hariharan, G. Lucier, S.H. Rizkalla* and Z. Smith
Hybrid GFRP-Concrete Box Girder Fabricated and Tested in Flexure
A. Fam* and H. Honickman
Tests on CFRP Strengthened Open Sections subjected to End Bearing Forces
Dynamic Performance and Optimization of GFRP Poles with Partial Concrete Filling
F. Barsoum, A. Fam* and Y. Zhang
Textile Reinforced Engineered Cementitious Composites (TR-ECC) Overlays for the Strengthening Of RC Beams
J.G. Dai*, B. Wang and S.L. Xu
Cantilever Tests on Moment Connection of Concrete-Filled FRP Tubes
Y.C. Lai and A. Fam*
Strength and Ductility of Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Joint Strengthening by Hybrid FRP and GFRP Sheets
N. Attari*, S. Amziane and M. Chemrouk
Basic Characteristics of FRP Strand Sheets and Flexural Behavior of RC Beams Strengthened with FRP Strand Sheets
A. Kobayashi*, Y. Sato and Y. Takahashi
The Effect of FRP Composites on Strengthening and Retrofitting of RC Short Columns
G.G. Amiri, H.H. Jamjani and A. Emdadi*
Experimental Investigation of CFRP Strengthened Damaged Steel Plates Subjected to Static Loading
T. Bai, X.L.Zhao* and R. Al-Mahaidi
Strengthening of RC Slabs with Large Penetrations using Anchored FRP Composites
S.J. Kim* and S.T. Smith
A Structural Mechanics Shear Capacity Model for FRP Plated RC Members
W. Lucas* and D.J. Oehlers
Effect of Epoxy Repairing on RC Beam Shear Strengthened with Side Bonded CFRP Sheet Strips
F. Al-Zoubi* and L.Z. Liang
Evaluation of Behavior and Ductility of Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened with AFRP
J.M. Park*, S.N. Hong, M.H. Oh, T.W. Kim and S.K. Park
Modeling of Load Bearing Mechanism of RC Column with External Continuous Fiber Rope under Reversed Cyclic Load
T. Shimomura*, H. Fujikawa and K. Maruyama
Strength Evaluation of Steel-Concrete Composite Girders Strengthened with Prestressed FRP Laminates
M.Y.E. Aly and R. El-Hacha*
Effect of Internal Shear Steel Reinforcement on the Performance of RC Beams Strengthened in Shear with FRP Sheets
P.M. Osgooei* and A. Hosseini
Repair of Impact-Damaged Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girders with Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers
J.L. Kasan and K.A. Harries*
Design of FRP Retrofitted Masonry under Out-of-Plane Bending
C.R. Willis*, M.C. Griffith and J.M. Ingham
Strengthening of Brick Infilled RC Frames by Diagonal CFRP Fabrics
G. Ozcebe* and E. Akin
FRP Composites in Structures : Some Recent Research
J.G. Teng*, L. Lam, J.F. Chen, J.G. Dai and T. Yu
Finite Element Modelling of Steel-Concrete Composite Beams Strengthened with Prestressed CFRP Plate
H.Y. Omran, P. Zangeneh* and R. El-Hacha
Strengthening of Timber Beams using FRP, with Emphasis on Compression Strength : A State of the Art Review
A. Andr¨¦* and R. Kliger
Concrete Shear Strength of Light Weight Concrete Beams Reinforced with FRP Bar
M.H. Jin, H.S. Jang*, C.H. Kim and D.I. Baek
An Experimental Study on Compressive Destruction of FRP Modular Box Member
K.H. Kwak*, D.H. Choi, H.S. Jang, D.W. Yang, and H.O. Kim

Bond Behavior and Debonding Failure

Role of U-shaped Anchorages on Performance of RC Beams Strengthened by CFRP Plates
A.R. Khan* and T. Ayub
Analysis of FRP-to-Concrete Joint Assemblies with FRP Spike Anchors using the Applied Element Method
I. Mohamed, R. Seracino* and S.T. Smith
Design Equations for RC Beams Strengthened in Shear with Externally Bonded FRPs
A. Godat*, P. Labossi¨¨re and K.W. Neale
Experimental Study on Double Lap Joints Composed of Hybrid CFRP-GFRP Laminate
H. Mutsuyoshi* and N.D. Hai
Effect of Adhesive Thickness on Bond Behaviour of Carbon Fiber Sheet under Static and Fatigue Loading
H. Tamura*, T. Ueda, H. Furuuchi and S. Hujima
Delaying Delamination by Means of New Anchor in Concrete Beams Strengthened with CFRP Laminate
A. Mostafa* and A.G. Razaqpur

Confinement and Seismic Retrofit

Experimental Evaluation of Full-scale FRP-confined Reinforced Concrete Columns
A.D. Luca*, F. Matta, A. Nanni, F. Nardone, G.P. Lignola and A. Prota
Effect of Unconfined Concrete Strength on the Strength and Deformability Predictions of FRP Confined Concrete
O. Gedik, C. Demir and A. Ilki*
Plastic Hinge Characteristics of RC Piers with Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP)
G.G. Amiri*, A. Jaberi and B. Mohebi
Strains of Eccentrically Compressed RC Columns Strengthened with CFRP Materials
T. Trapko, M. Musial* and M. Kaminski
Structural Evaluation of GFRP Confined Reinforced Concrete Hollow Columns
A.D. Luca*, F. Matta, A. Nanni, F. Nardone, G.P. Lignola and A. Prota
An Experimental Study on Anchoring Performance of Compression-type Anchorages forCables
W.T. Jung*, J.S. Park and Y.H. Park

Durability and Long-term Performance

Creep and Stress Relaxation of Concrete Slab with Prestressed GFRP
R. Sovj¨¢k*, J. Forn?sek, P. Konvalinka and J.L. Vitek
Durability of Pultruded GFRP Exposed under Static Load
I. Nishizaki* and I. Sasaki
Mechanical, Physical and Durability Characterization of Prestressed GFRP Reinforcing Bars
M. Robert and B. Benmokrane*

Reinforcing or Prestressing of Concrete, Timber or Masonry Structures with FRP

Aggregate-coated FRP Plank as Formwork and Crack Controlling Device for Reinforcement-free BridgeDecks
M.G. Oliva, L.C. Bank*, H. Bae and C.R. Litow
Strengthening RC Structures with Externally Prestressed Basalt FRP-Steel Wire Hybrid Sheets
K. Iwashita*, Z.S. Wu and T. Hashimoto
GFRP-Reinforced Continuous Beams
M. El-Mogy, A. El-Ragaby and E.El-Salakawy*
GFRP-Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Joints
M. Hasaballa, M. Mady, A. El-Ragaby and E.El-Salakawy*
Evaluation of Existing Model for Predicting of Flexural Behaviour of GFRP- Reinforced Concrete Members
I.M. Metwally

Field Applications and Case Study

Static and Dynamic Behavior of a Pultruded FRP Truss Footbridge
T. Kumada*, S. Yamada, E. Johansen and R. Wilson
Net Type External Prestressing Method for The Strengthening of Slab Bridges
M.Y. Han* and S. Choi
Performance of Code Equations compared to experimental data for shear Capacity of FRP-RC Beams
A. Said* and H. El-Chabib
Case Studies of Strengthened R.C Members with CFRP-Bar NSM System
S.M. Park*, S.W. Kim and K.T. Kim
Investigation of Dynamic Characteristics of FRP Cables in Thousand-Meter Scale Cable-Stayed Bridge
X. Wang* and Z.S. Wu
Field-Applicability of FRP-Concrete Composite Deck
S.Y. Park, K. Cho, S.T. Kim, J.R. Cho and B.S. Kim*

Pultruded FRP Structure

Experimental and Analytical Investigations on the Bolted Joints in Pultruded FRP Structural Members
J.S. Park*, S. Lee, H.J. Joo and S.J. Yoon
Effects of Fiber Orientation for the Buckling of Laminated Fiber Reinforced Polymer Cylindrical Shells
M. Yanagida*, S. Yamada and K.K. Bhetwal
Flexural Behaviour of Laminated Fibre Composite Sandwich Beams
A.C. Manalo*, T. Aravinthan and W. Karunasena
Behaviour of Innovative Fibre Composite Sandwich Panels under Point Loading
M.M. Islam*, T. Aravinthan and G.V. Erp
Investigation of Pultruded Fibre Reinforced Mineral Polymer Based Composite Structural Elements and Confined by 3D Weaving Technology for Structural Applications
G. Promis, A. Gabor and P. Hamelin*
Experimental and Analytical Investigations on Structural Behavior of GFRP Composite Water Supply Pipes
H. Choi*, S. Lee, J.H. Nam and S.J. Yoon
Innovative Development of GFRP Girder Filled with Concrete
S.M. Jeong*, D.W. Park and Y.S. Jeong
History of Composite Piles
H. Niroumand
Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) in civil , Structure & Geotechnical Engineering
H. Niroumand
Vibration of Debonded Laminated Fibre Composite Sandwich Beams
W. Karunasena, T. Aravinthan and A.C. Manalo*
Effect of Elevated Temprature on Structural Performance of RC Columns Confined by CFRP
A. Khalifa, A. El-Kourdi, A. Eldarwish and A. Morsy*
Dynamic Behaviour of Externally Bonded CFRP : Application to Reinforced Concrete Column Externally Reinforced under Impact Loading
E. Ferrier* and P. Hamelin
Seismic Performance of Concrete Columns Reinforced by Steel-FRP(Fiber Reinforced Polymer) Composite Bar
Z.Y. Sun, G. Wu*, Z.S. Wu and M. Zhang
The Influence of Transverse CFRP Strengthening on Rheological Strains of Compressed Concrete Elements
T. Trapko, M. Musial* and W. Trapko


Seismic Analysis of Full-scale RC Building Retrofitted with CFRP
R. Garcia, I. Hajirasouliha, Y. Jemaa, K. Pilakoutas* and M. Guadagnini
Baked Clay as Replacement of Reinforced Concrete
A.A. Ansari* and M. Memon
Delamination of the Bond Interface between FRP and Steel Plate and its Structural Health Monitoring
S. Yamada*, S. Nakajima, Y. Matsumoto, S. Yamada and I. Komiya
Experimental Study of Performance of Steel-FRP(Fiber Reinforced Polymer) Composite Bar
G. Wu*, Z.S. Wu, Z.Y. Sun and X.Q. Hu
Relationship between FRP Fracture Strains in Flat Coupon Tests, Split Disk Tests and FRP Wrapped Columns
J.F. Chen*, S.Q. Li and J. Ai
The Evaluation of Structural Performance for R/C Beams Strengthened by NSM Using CFRP Plate
H. Oh, J. Sim, M. Ju and H. Kim*
Experimental Study on Blast Loading Response of FRP-Retrofitted RC Slab Structures
J.H.J. Kim, N.H. Yi*, S.B. Kim, J.K. Choi and J.C. Park
Structural Performance Capacity Evaluation of Recycled Pet Fiber Added Concrete
J.H.J.Kim, H.Y. Kim*, S.B. Kim, N.H. Yi and K.S. Lee
Design-Oriented Approaches for FRP Retrofitted RC Columns and Case Study of TEC2007 Example
O. Ozcan*, B. Binici and G. Ozcebe

Hybrid Structures

Flexural RC Members Strengthened with Mechanically Fastened FRP Laminates: Test Results and Numerical Modeling
A. Napoli*, F. Matta, E. Martinelli, A. Nanni and R. Realfonzo
Bowstring Arch Bridge Made of CFRP, GFRP and Glulam
U. Meier*, R. Br?nnimann, R.Widmann, A. Winistoerfer and P. Irniger
Use of Uni-Axial Pseudo-Ductile Hybrid FRP Sheet to Strengthen Existing RC Flexural Members
D.U. Choi*, S.S. Ha and K.H. Kim
Effectiveness of Strengthened RC Beams with a Hybrid Multi Layer under Cyclic Loading
S.K. Ha*, H.K. Lee and I.S. Kang
A Study on the Flexural Behavior of Concrete Beams Reinforced with GFRP Rebars under Fatigue
J. Sim, C. Park, T. Kang, H.G. Lee and M. Shahid*