IIFC Fellows

The recognition of a small subset of the IIFC membership as Fellows is a distinct honor for “senior members of the Institute who have achieved a position of high responsibility and have contributed significantly to the advancement of the field through research or practice, or both.” The IIFC presently honours 29 Fellows elected over the last  decade representing 13 countries.


Founding Fellows elected in September 2003

U. Meier

A. Nanni

S.H. Rizkalla

L. Taerwe

Fellows elected at CICE 2004 in Adelaide, Australia (December 2004)

L.C. Bank

J.G. Teng

T. Ueda

Fellows elected at CICE 2006 in Miami, USA (December 2006)

V.M. Karbhari

K.W. Neale

Z.S. Wu

Fellows elected at CICE 2008 in Zurich, Switzerland (July 2008)

C.E. Bakis

J.F. Chen

B. Taljsten

L.P. Ye

Fellows elected at CICE 2010 in Beijing, China (September 2010)

B. Benmokrane

J.S. Sim

T.C. Triantafillou

X.L. Zhao

Fellows elected at CICE 2012 in Roma, Italy (June 2012)

T. Keller

R. Seracino

S. T. Smith

Fellows elected at CICE 2014 in Vancouver, Canada (August 2014)

R. Al-Mahaidi

R. El-Hacha

A. Fam

K.A. Harries

Fellows elected at CICE 2016 in Hong Kong, China (December 2016)

M.F. Green

Y.F. Wu

E. Ferrier

R. Kotynia

Fellows elected at CICE 2018 in Paris, France (July 2018)

L. Bisby

J.G. Dai

P. Feng

I. Harik

J. Myers


M. Erki

L.C. Hollaway (deceased)

Z.T. Lu (deceased)

A. Machida

A. Machida

A.A. Mufti