Best Paper Awards

Best paper awards are presented to outstanding paper submissions at Official IIFC conferences. The awards are decided upon by an Awards Committee which comprises of IIFC Executive Committee and IIFC Council members.

CICE 2018: Paris

Application of Pre-Stressed Un-bonded CFRP for Strengthening of Metallic Structures (Best Paper – FRP Strengthening of Existing Structures)
E. Ghafoori, A. Hosseini, E. Pellissier, M. Hueppi and M. Motavalli

I-75 Bridge over Sexton/Kilfoil Drain, the Longest Highway Bridge Span Prestressed with CFRP Strands (Best Paper – FRP in New Construction)
N. Grace, M. Chynoweth, T. Enomoto and M. Bebawy

APFIS 2017: Singapore

Moment-Curvature Based Modelling of FRP-Strengthened RC Members Anchored with FRP Anchors  (Best Paper – FRP Strengthening of Existing Structures)
S.T. Smith, H. A. Rasheed and S. J. Kim

Steel-Free Hybrid Reinforcing Bars for Concrete Structures  (Best  Paper – New Construction Application)
J.G. Teng, B. Zhang, S.S. Zhang, B. Fu

CICE 2016: Hong Kong, China

Direct Measurement of Traction‐Separation Law of Concrete/Epoxy Interfaces under Mode‐I
Loading (Best Paper – FRP Strengthening of Existing Structures)
S. Amidi and J. Wang

Modular Coreless Filament Winding for Lightweight Systems in Architecture (Best Paper – Use of FRP in New Construction)
J. Knippers, V. Koslowski, J. Solly and T. Fildhuth

APFIS 2015 / FRPRCS-12: Nanjing, China

Small-Diameter CFRP Strands for Strengthening Steel Bridge Girder  (Best Paper – FRP Strengthening of Existing Structures)
H. Kazem, S. Rizkalla, R. Seracino and A. Kobayashi

Shear Strengthening of Cracked RC Structures under Service Loading Condition-A Case Study  (Best Paper – FRP Strengthening of Existing Structures)
T. Imjai and M. Guadagnini

CICE 2014: Vancouver, Canada

Cyclic Interface Behavior of External Composite Reinforcements: A Coupled Damage-Plasticity Model (Best  Paper – Repair  Application)
Pietra Carrara and Laura DeLorenzis

Long Term Bending Creep Behaviour of Thin-Walled CFRP Pretensioned High Strength Spun Concrete Poles under Sustained Load (Best  Paper – New Construction Application)
Giovanni P. Terrasi and Urs Meier

Load Test Evaluation of FRP-Strengthened Structures (Best  Paper – Industry/Field Applications and Case Studies)
Nestor Galati and Tarek Alkhrdaji

APFIS 2013: Melbourne, Australia

Shear Behavior of Prestressed Decked Bulb T Beams Reinforced with CFCC Stirrups
Nabil F. Grace, Kenichi Ushijima, Soubhagya K. Rout and Mena Bebawy

APFIS 2012: Sapporo, Japan

FRP Anchorage Systems for Infill Masonry Structures (Best paper award)
Dillon S. Lunn, Sami H. Rizkalla, S. Maeda and T. Ueda

Durability of Aramid and Carbon FRP PC Beams under Tidal and Thermal Accelerated Exposure (Best paper award)
H. Nakai, H. Watanabe, T. Enomoto and T. Uomoto

Confinement Effectiveness of CFRP Grids on Concrete Columns (Best research poster)
L. Ding, S. Rizkalla, G. Wu and X. Qiong

A New Analytical Model for Concrete Cover Seperation of R/C Beams Strengthened with FRP Laminates (Best research poster)
D. Zhang, T. Ueda and H. Furuuchi

CICE 2010: Beijing, China

The Ultimate Condition of FRP Confined Concrete Columns: New Experimental Observations and Insights
L.A. Bisby and T.J. Stratford

Finite Element Modeling of Insulated FRP-Strengthened RC Beams Exposed to Fire
J.G. Dai, W.Y. Gao and J.G. Teng

APFIS 2009: Seoul, Korea

Repair of Impact-Damaged Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girders with Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers
J.L. Kasan and K.A. Harries

Experimental Study on Blast Loading Response of FRP-Retrofitted RC Slab Structures
J.H.J. Kim, N.H. Yi, S.B. Kim, J.K. Choi and J.C. Park

Bowstring-Arch Bridge Made of CFRP, GFRP and Glulam
U. Meier, R. Brönnimann, R. Widmann, A. Winistöerfer and P. Irniger

CICE 2008: Zurich, Switzerland

Field Testing of RC Slabs with Openings Strengthened Using CFRP
H.M. Seliem, E.A. Sumner, R. Seracino, and S.T. Smith

FRP-Confined Masonry – From Experimental Tests to Design Guidelines
M.A. Aiello, F. Micelli and L. Valente

Structural Performance of Iron-Wood-FRP Pedestrian Bridge
G. Boscato and S. Russo

APFIS 2007: Hong Kong, China

Quantifying Strain Variation in FRP Confined Concrete using Digital Image Correlation: Proof-of-Concept and Initial Results
L. Bisby, W.A. Take and A. Caspary

Crack Development in CFRP Reinforced Mortar – An Experimental Study
B. Taljsten, K. Orosz and G. Fisher

Replacing a Composite RC Bridge Deck with an FRP Deck – The Effect on Superstructure Stresses
K.A. Harries and J. Moses

CICE 2006: Miami, USA

Indirect Crack Control Procedure for FRP-reinforced Concrete Beams and One-Way Slabs
C.E. Ospina and C.E. Bakis

Numerical Simulation of Bond Deterioration between CFRP Plate and Concrete in Moisture Environment
Z. Ouyang and B. Wan

Strengthening of Concrete Beams in Shear with Mineral Based Composites Laboratory Tests and Theory
B. Taljsten, K. Orosz and T. Blanksvard

CICE 2004: Adelaide, Australia

CFRP Strengthening and Monitoring of the Grondals Bridge in Sweden
B. Taljsten and A. Hejll

Experimental Study on the Strengthening and Repair of R/C Wall-Frame Structures with an Opening by CF-Sheets or CF-Grids
A. Kitano, O. Joh and Y. Goto

Durability of Reinforced Concrete Structures with Externally Bonded FRP Sheets
T. Shimomura and K. Maruyama

Development and Analysis of the Large-span FRP Woven Web Structure
P. Feng, L.P. Ye, R. Bao and J.G. Teng