Dear IIFC Members and Visitors:

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the International Institute for FRP in Construction (IIFC) web site.  This new web site was launched in June 2011 and replaces the original web site that served the organization from 2003.  The new web site was developed to better showcase the IIFC to the world and to provide members of the organization with improved services and accessibility.  The web site has been designed to provide an easy to use and easy to read experience.

FRP is an acronym for Fiber Reinforced Polymer and identifies a class of composite materials consisting of brittle high strength and stiffness fibers embedded at high volume fractions in ductile low stiffness and strength polymeric resins.  These composite materials have, over the last 20 years, found increasing applications in civil and architectural construction projects.

The web site serves to provide users information on IIFC conferences and meetings and also to provide archival information. This includes electronic copies of all the issues of FRP International, an FRP newsletter started in 1993 by early leaders in the field. This also includes the proceedings of all of the bi-annual conferences of the organization to-date – Composites in Civil Engineering (CICE) held in 2004 (Adelaide), 2006 (Miami), 2008 (Zurich), 2010 (Beijing), 2012 (Rome), 2014 (Vancouver), 2016 (Hong Kong) and Asia-Pacific Conference on FRP in Structures (APFIS) held in 2007 (Hong Kong), 2009 (Seoul), 2012 (Hokkaido), 2013 (Melbourne), 2015 (Nanjing), 2017 (Singapore). The proceedings for both CICE (from CICE 2012) and APFIS (from APFIS 2013) series of conferences have been accepted by Elsevier for indexing in Scopus and Compendex. We hope that these proceedings will be of use to the professional practice and academic research communities.

The Members section of the web site is used for membership activities and includes pages for our Committees and Working Groups to post and share meeting minutes and working documents.  This section will also be used for members to update their records and for payment of membership dues in the future.

I encourage you to spend some time on the site to discover what the IIFC is and how you can play a part in its activities.  We welcome new members, both individual and collective.





Jian Fei Chen

President IIFC